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It's all about Creation & Collaboration

Over the past decade I’ve gained experience in all areas of Brand Communications working as a Graphic Designer + Director in top agencies around the world. I love working with all kinds of teams from large companies to high flying start-ups.

Need help you with your Logo Design, Brand Identity Development, UX / UI, or Digital Designs?

Here are just some of the great brands I've had the pleasure of designing for.

brand logo design
Let's Colaborate, My Name's Andy

Check out how I gave a page-flipping app a new identity. Yes, page-flipping.

Uberflip logo


Gave a page-flipping app an identity. Yes, page-flipping.

Colab logo


Work for yourself, not by yourself.

Audera Accoustics logo


What do audio acoustic engineers and dancers have in common?

Harmony Collection logo


Jewelry that puts you in perfect harmony with nature.

Fort Reports logo

Fort Reports

How do you get late adopters to embrace a techie solution?

AMO logo


How do you bring a brand into the 21st century?

CCH Insight logo


When it comes to a successful brand, transparency is everything.

LAS logo


Equality affects us all. Even Ontario’s municipalities.

Parallel Fitness logo

Parallel Fitness

Maybe more people would go to the gym if more gyms were like this.

Katiya logo


Simple and elegant jewellery. A simple and elegant brand.

Diabetes Longevity logo

Diabetes Longevity

A brand that recognizes Canadians who’ve lived with T1 Diabetes for over 50 years.

Castle Group logo

Castle Group

We made this brand look as good as it performed.

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