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Building a strong brand takes years, not months. It should be part of your long term strategy and starts with designing a great logo.

It’s not just a name

Forget about the cost of recreating your marketing material because your brand wasn’t appealing. Forget the money you’ve poured into promotions. Don’t consider for a second the chance that the logo you bought from a stranger through a third party website is actually a copy of a registered trademark in some distant country. Think about your wasted time! Sleepless nights. Every time you display a bad logo it hurts your image, your reputation.

It’s your reputation

If your logo is designed properly it will work to help your business succeed. To reinforce your reputation. Every dollar you spend in marketing, every poster, t-shirt, or campaign will make it stronger, more memorable and more effective. Great logos attract attention while standing out from the competition. They’re more memorable, inspire loyalty and assure your audience returns and recommends you. Most importantly great logos build trust. They help your business make a lasting first impression. One that tells your audience you are the best at what you do.

I create great logos that help businesses succeed

Over the past decade I’ve created logos, full brand identities, and campaigns that helped clients reach and exceed their goals. I work directly with clients and along side global branding agencies. Here are just some of the great brands I've had the pleasure of designing for. I also created one of the logos below, can you guess which one? Click Here for the answer.

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